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You have at least 10 years IT experience and have at least one key knowledge domain in which you excel.

You are already or want to become an independent freelancer.

You are devoted to quality and are a strong team player. Your colleagues and customers endorse you and your work.

Our customers have come to expect that 7N will work only with elite IT professionals. We are constantly looking for IT people who are within the top 3% of specialists working in their specific area of expertise. If you believe you are an elite IT professional, we would love to hear from you.


When you’re a 7N specialist, you’ll get a chance to work on some of the best assignments working for the top companies in your region.
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You’ll become part of an exclusive network of elite specialists, and have access to a large number of professional and social events.
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You’ll have a personal agent who will assist you with assignments, contracts, and negotiations.
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You’ll get access to discounts on trainings, courses and certifications, and be able to position yourself with the 7N quality brand.
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