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7N sponsors ng-Poland conference

On November 22, 7N sponsored the ng-Poland conference, held at the National Stadium in Warsaw. Several members of the Polish recruitment team represented 7N and availed the opportunity to meet front-end development experts and 7N consultants.

The conference was first of its kind and size in Poland, and it was organized by 7N consultant Dariusz Kalbarczyk, who is the leader of AngularJS community in Warsaw. One of the speakers was 7N's Pawel Zdziech who elaborated on the subject "Why does it pay to know AngularJS", focusing on the professional prospects of AngularJS specialists, the market and salaries for this technology.

Ng-Poland holds an international repute, as most of the speakers and some 20% of participants come from outside Poland (including a few Danish 7N customers).


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