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Swedish 7N consultant among first movers within Azure

Johan Lindahl, a senior system developer, started working at If P&C Insurance in August 2016. As a part of the project at If, Johan remakes a Windows tool into an Azure web application. He found a way to deploy hybrid solutions, where some parts are in the cloud and some parts are on-premise, in an agile way without needing to change the older underlying Windows systems all at once.

The Azure-group at If Insurance asked Johan and his If counterpart to do a presentation for all the development teams about Azure AD Application Proxy, how it supports publishing on-premises applications, and of course about their learnings and challenges in general.

7N Agent Clea Hovstadius adds, “We are very impressed with Johan’s accomplishments. The fact that this group is now at the forefront of If’s cloud space initiatives, makes both Johan, the team and 7N very proud”.

If you want to know more about the accomplishments at “if” or how top talent can make a difference for you, please contact:

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