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Head of International Recruitment Anywhere, Anywhere
+45 26 70 44 55

Kim has been with 7N for three years and has worked in IT since 1999. At the start of his career he specialized in the sale of hardware, software and services, but over the past 8 years he has worked exclusively with recruitment, including several years in London.

Kim is younger than the average 7N Agent, but don’t let that fool you. He is unusually skilled, energetic, focused and highly professional. He remembers every consultant and every request, and takes care of them successfully and efficiently without ever getting stressed. Which is a bit of a performance in itself, since he’s also the head of the rapidly-growing Nordic, Swiss, Italian and North American recruitment team. 

Kim’s unique talent is finding a needle in a haystack. If he receives an impossible request for an unusual and specialised consultant profile, he manages to find that person – no matter where they’re located or how long he needs to look for them.