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Lund Andersen

Senior Consultancy Manager Aarhus, Denmark
+45 23 27 57 25

After more than 20 years working in the IT industry with all the core areas of the business: hardware, software, security, advanced networks and now IT specialists, Lene´s IT business experience is diverse and comprehensive. Her primary role has been key account manager for private and large public organizations and therefore she is familiar with the rules that the public sector is subject to in relation to the procurement rules. She is not a traditional salesperson, driven by a fast sale. Her passion is to help the customer and consultant to be a success. She is sincerely interested in talking to people – whether it’s clients, consultants or colleagues. She helps customers define their needs in order to find the perfect consultant, and helps consultants find jobs that match their skills and professional goals.

Lene’s commitment, her dedicated professional approach, and her easygoing nature means she is truly appreciated by colleagues and customers both past and present.