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Flemming Nickolas

Developer Denmark

Personal Profile

Flemming is enterprise software developer and architect with more than 17 years of experience in Java and Java EE. He specializes in Java EE and JBoss technologies, and has worked with architecture, design, implementation, performance optimization, cracking hard problems, and as scrum master.

He is actively involved in the JBoss Open Source community and contributes to various projects, because he believes that leveraging the broad, deep experience in the developer community is the best way to learn and get help. His personal contributions to these projects have helped him build a strong network of professional connections that he can call upon when he is facing technical issues.

He strongly believes the best architecture and designs are made as a team rather than individually. When he work as tech leader or architect on a project, he likes to keep the process open for others to contribute.

Type of applications

  • Hibernate 4
  • HornetQ
  • Infinispan Cache grid
  • Java EE 6/7
  • JBoss AS 5 & 7
  • PostgreSQL
  • RESTEasy
  • Wildfly 8.x

Business Areas

  • Application architecture
  • Design
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Java development
  • Java Enterprise development
  • Java performance optimization
  • Scrum Master

Industry knowledge

  • Business services
  • Energy
  • Health and welfare IT
  • International organizations
  • Production
  • Telecommunications


Schneider electric denmark

senior architect / technical leader

09.2006 - 06.2015


open source developer

10.2011 - 05.2015



1993 Datamatician Advanced computer studies
1992 Informatics Assistant


2010 Conscious Leadership
2005 WebSphere V5.1 performance and Scalability


2005 IBM certified advanced system adm. WebSphere Application Server V5.0
2003 Sun certified Programmer Java platform 1.2

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