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Raj Mahajan

Solution Architect Denmark

Personal Profile

Hans started his IT career as an Oracle developer and he has worked as an independent consultant since 1999.  At first specializing in Oracle and C/C++, later moving focus to Java and J2EE. Lately, he has also focused on C# and .Net.

Hans has a very broad professional profile with expert knowledge in many areas. He is committed, energetic and proactive and typically ends up as an anchor that can fill most technical project roles. He is a skilled developer with extensive knowledge of both the principles and the architecture, which make the basis for mission critical distributed systems and all related technologies. Hans acquires new knowledge rapidly and is highly productive on new projects. He thrives on interesting and complex challenges, and is a very gifted problem solver.

Type of applications

  • Bill settlement between telecommunication companies
  • Creditcard settlements
  • Internet portals for bank- and capital management systems
  • Labour union systems
  • Mobile phone subscription systems
  • Securities trading
  • Unemployment insurance systems

Business Areas

  • Analysis and design
  • Architecture
  • Data modelling
  • Database administration
  • Error detection
  • IT security
  • Mentoring
  • Systems development (Java - C# - C )
  • Technical team lead

Industry knowledge

  • Business services
  • Construction
  • Culture


Partnership, edm solutions

Solution Architect / Designer / Developer / co-owner

01.2010 - Present

KMD / Q8

Designer / Developer / Mentor

06.2012 - 12.2012


J2EE & High Availability Architect

01.2012 - 03.2012



09.2011 - 01.2012


Solution Architect / Designer / developer

03.2010 - 09.2011

partnership (product development)

Architect / Designer / developer

04.2009 - 01.2010


security architect

01.2007 - 12.2009



01.2005 - 01.2007



1993 Physics at University of Copenhagen
1990 Computer Science at University of Copenhagen


2009 Master course: Mobile and distributed systems at ITU
2008 Master course: Business systems at ITU
2008 Master course: IT strategy at ITU
2008 Master course: Advanced systems, development at ITU
2007 Master course: IT Architecture and security at ITU
2006 Master course: Advanced Object oriented Development at ITU
2006 Master course: IT Project management at ITU
2006 Master course, User design at ITU

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