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Our agents work with the same customers for a long time. We build strong relationships and develop an intimate understanding of each customer’s needs and its corporate culture.

We always strive to make the best possible match between your company, your project and a consultant you can trust. We do more than just ‘selling a consultant’. We provide consultant placement.

7N Near - and
Offshoring Services

In-house Remote Development (IRD) is 7N’s proven methodology for successful nearshoring and offshoring.

The IRD methodology helps establish elite nearshore or offshore teams that are tightly integrated with the domestic development organization. On average, our customers save 60% on teams in Warsaw and 80% on teams in Gurugram, India relative to same quality domestic teams.


Complex IT projects are not built by individuals. Here at 7N, we are fixated on helping our customers build high-performance IT project teams. We strongly believe that relatively small teams staffed by top quality people outperform any other type of IT project teams. By outperform, we mean a lower overall cost, lower risk and more accurate delivery times.

At 7N, we have developed a proprietary evaluation framework called The Secret Code to assist us in building winning teams. Read more about 7Ns Secret Code .

Read more about the math to support lower overall project costs .

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