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The top 3% IT professionals

It’s the simple truth that some individuals perform significantly better than others. In our world, we call them 10’er specialists (on a scale of 1 to 10). These specialists are within the top 3% of their IT field.

7N has built a professional community for these extraordinary people. It’s a community dedicated to their professional and personal development. A place where the best get to ‘play’ with best.

At 7N, we respect the fact that these specialists are independent contractors. What we offer is an exceptionally rewarding personal and professional life through our access to challenging, high-level projects and our large international community of top-level specialists.

What distinguishes
the top 3%

Since we were founded more than 25 years ago, we have focused on working with IT specialists who perform extraordinarily well in complex enterprise IT environments. This long experience has taught us that there are a few tell-tale signs of a top 3% IT professional:

  • The specialist is known as among the best by his or her peers
  • The specialist has at least 10 years of relevant experience
  • The specialist has a high level of soft skills and scores well on the “Secret Code”


A combination of technical skills, soft skills and proven enterprise class experience shows that an IT professional is good enough to be a 7N specialist.

The Secret Code is a proprietary methodology developed by 7N. It tests a specialist’s:

  • Insight into own strengths and weaknesses
  • High performance under pressure
  • Holistic project understanding
  • Diplomatic authority
  • Social capacity
  • Empathy

7N helps IT specialist’s develop their professional skills through certifications, seminars and networking.

To stay on top of your field, you need a social environment where you can be yourself and develop. We focus on soft skills and personal growth.

A 7N specialist is part of a global network of other IT professionals.

7N maintains both a professional and a human relationship with all our specialists.

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