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Our IT professionals are among the best in their fields, with at least 10 years of experience and excellent soft skills. Each of our IT professionals is assigned an agent who serves an average of only 25 specialists. That keeps our service level high. More 


Twice the

Well-documented independent research says the top 3% specialists are more than twice as productive than the average specialist. Yet they cost only 15-20% more. More 


winning teams

Complex IT systems are built by teams. At 7N, we have developed a proprietary “Secret Code” evaluation framework that lets us assess a specialist’s soft-skills compatibility with enterprise level IT teams. More 

Finding and serving the top 3%
IT professionals

Recruiting at 7N is primarily done by referral or is based on 7N’s proactive selective search. Only about 10% of the interested candidates make it through our tough qualification process to become a 7N specialist.


We strongly believe in human relationships, which is why we take time to meet all potential new 7N specialists personally.

References and skills validation

To become a 7N specialist, you must be recognized as among the best within your area of expertise.

Secret Code methodology

The Secret Code methodology is a proprietary evaluation and feedback framework developed by 7N to help us assess an IT specialist’s soft skills.

FINAL GROUP interview

Our evaluation process concludes with a group interview. Typically 4 or 5 of our agents meet with a potential specialist to assess how well his or her skills match our clients’ real-world projects.

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Want to work with people at the top of your field? If you have more than 10 years’ experience in enterprise IT, we would like very much to hear from you.

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Browse some examples of specialist profiles we are particularly proud of. These are people who have made a significant difference on complex and demanding client projects.

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Here at 7N, we are strong believers in long-term relationships. We are proud to say that many of our clients have done business with us continuously for more than a decade.

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The 7N Community

In the 7N Community, we share input on best practice, tell war stories from real world customer projects, communicate thoughts about the market, and announce news about 7N and events for our specialists and customers.

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