We provide IT services with the range and flexibility to manage the complexities of your unique digital challenges.


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We understand that the digital challenges can be numerous, daunting, and complex. With 7N as your trusted partner, you can focus on running your business and loosen the reins.

Through many years of experience, we have gained extensive knowledge into what makes complex IT projects succeed. We know that such projects are not built by individuals. That’s why we keep finetuning how we support our clients in building high-performance IT project teams and how we deliver IT projects. 



We serve companies using flexible cooperation models, building on the same underlying engine of highly skilled workforce. Let us take responsibility for matching your needs with individual consultants, team competencies, learning programs, or end-to-end solutions. We are ready to collaborate, even prior to your decision to bring in external consultants to your organization.

7N Services

360° Sourcing

Meeting talent shortages with top-tier IT professionals is an ongoing challenge. We deliver a flexible high-performance workforce at a global scale focused on experienced top 3% IT talents.


Navigating IT complexity demands expertise for seamless adoption and value. We offer IT solutions addressing our clients’ unique challenges, specializing in taking the right decisions for the future.


Upskilling and fostering continuous learning are vital to stay competitive. We provide learning programs, ensuring our clients are future-ready by nurturing a culture of continuous growth.

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7N 360° Sourcing

  • Specialization


    Sourcing of individuals entails your organization’s staff augmentation with 7N consultants. These high-end IT professionals have expert knowledge and years of commercial experience and are carefully hand-picked to match your project needs. 


    In line with your requirements, we carefully build an on-demand team of 7N consultants that will act as an integral part of your organization. Our teams are meticulously assembled, combining the right blend of expertise, capabilities, and team cohesion.

  • Scaling


    To secure good integration into your daily operations, we source, match, and deliver local consultants who support you in the same country your organization operates. 


    We match your organization with highly qualified IT experts supporting you from a nearby country. Depending on your location, going nearshore can provide access to a larger talent pool, often at an optimized cost. You keep the flexibility of quickly scaling a team while we take responsibility for practicalities, i.e., offices, infrastructure, and hardware. 


    We consider the whole world our talent pool and, thereby, also yours. With offshoring, your organization leverages the benefits of accessing global talent and maintaining cost efficiency. Even if the right competencies are to be found several time zones away, we match you with carefully selected high-end IT professionals who deliver on your digital goals.

7N Solutions

  • Development and maintenance

    Software Development 

    We create, enhance, and maintain computer applications, interfaces, and systems tailored for your organization. Our service covers the entire software development lifecycle from the initial conceptualization and design phase to the actual coding, thorough testing, debugging, and ongoing updates.  

    Managed Service  

    Your organization can entrust support and maintenance of its software to a dedicated team of 7N experts. By adhering to a standardized approach and leveraging standard ITSM and ITIL methodologies, we improve availability and stability, and reduce potential risks.

  • Transformation

    Enterprise Architecture 

    Based on market standard methodology, 7N supports the alignment of your business and IT setup. To achieve this, we provide a holistic blueprint of your organization's structure, processes, systems, and technologies. The service involves understanding your organization's current state, defining its target state, and developing a roadmap to bridge the gap between the two.  

    Agile Transformation

    7N experts will be working closely with you to help you apply Agile principles on an organization-wide scale. Together, we will set clear objectives for the transformation and monitor its progress with best-in-class change management tools to ensure successful completion.

    Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    With 7N, you benefit from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) combined with the understanding of your business and industry domain. Our approach to establish an ML/AI model for your organization entails a three-phased process including: the analysis of business objectives, identification of the initial model component, and the actual target model deployment.

    Legacy Replacement

    We support legacy modernization journeys with our proprietary three-step methodology, which includes developing a business case for a planned change, running a modernization project to drive this change, and anchoring it through establishing new ways of working.

    Software Quality Monitoring

    With 7N, you can monitor the quality and health of your software application. Our approach leverages the market-leading, standard toolset and fact-based metrics that objectively diagnose software health, security issues, costs, business impact, technical debt, and cloud readiness.

  • Industry specialization


    NIS27N will conduct a comprehensive analysis to identify gaps in your compliance with NIS2 directive. This analysis will provide insights into areas where improvements are required and serve as a foundation for enhancing your cybersecurity measures.

    DORABased on CIS Control Analysis aligned against the ISO27001/2 standard framework, 7N will conduct a thorough analysis to identify gaps in your compliance with DORA. It provides insights into required improvements areas and serves as a foundation for enhancing your cyber security measures.

    Sterilization Central 

    The Sterilization Central, powered by a dedicated team of 7N healthcare IT experts, offers specialized consulting services focused on streamlining and automating processes for operational excellence at hospitals.

7N Academy

  • Explore learning programs

    We help you cultivate your organization’s knowledge-sharing culture by providing customized expert learnings and sharing our expertise on standard methodologies. We offer a variety of formats you can choose from to match the needs of your organization: in-person training, online webinars, blended learning, and peer-to-peer workshops. 

    Explore our learning programs here.

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"7N is well-known as a trusted partner to organizations that benefit from our vast experience in sourcing individual consultants or whole teams. Our expanded service portfolio includes solutions and learning programs based on the same exceptional IT talent."

Jens Laugesen
Vice President, Services