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We provide our consultants with the support and opportunities they need to fulfill their ambitions as IT freelancers.


At 7N, our consultants are more than just names in a database. Understanding the uniqueness of each career journey, our commitment is to actualize your professional aspirations.

We believe in creating the best experience for our consultants. That is why we integrate the freedom of being a freelancer with access to stability, support, and development.

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A personal agent

As a 7N consultant, you will get a dedicated agent who maintains contact before, during, and after each assignment. The agent serves as a mentor, prioritizing your best interests, both personally and professionally.


After your contract ends, we proactively search for new opportunities for you. You will be updated about the process through continuous dialogue with your agent, meanwhile you can relax and enjoy the freedom of the freelance work-life.


We value transparency, whether it is about pricing details, contract terms, market competition, etc. We always work under fair conditions, and are committed to making your life as IT freelancer as smooth as possible.

Professional development

We offer a range of options to enhance your skills ranging from access to online learning platforms, network events, courses, and individual career development.

A network of opportunities

You will become part of a community of highly skilled and experienced peers, providing a collegial spark to a freelance life. Socialize and make new connections with the very best from your field at the extraordinary events hosted by 7N’s event teams.

Challenging projects

We work closely with large organizations worldwide, enabling you to access thrilling, top-tier opportunities locally or globally – whether it is remote or on-site. Our operations revolve around three key service areas: 7N Academy, 7N Solutions, and 7N 360° Sourcing, providing you with a wealth of opportunities.

Would you like to know more about life as a 7N consultant? Delve into the personal experiences of some of our consultants as they share their stories and engagements with 7N as their trusted agent.

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Areas of expertise

Our operations span across various industries, providing numerous arenas to explore as your digital playground.

Below you can dive into the technical domains in which our consultants typically operate. However, the needs of our clients develop fast, and we support our clients in other areas as well.


Software Engineering

UX and UI Design

Data and AI

IT Architecture


Infrastructure and Cloud

Agile Transformation

IT Project Optimization

Digital Operation

Maximize your professional impact with 7N

Are you an experienced IT specialist looking for challenging and rewarding opportunities? Explore our job listings or connect with us to unlock your full potential as a freelance IT consultant.

Elevate your growth

We are firm believers in the curiosity and willingness to develop professionally.

A fundamental aspect of our role as agents is to act as sparring partners and support our consultants in maintaining their professional qualifications at the forefront of industry trends and standards.

Discover how our internal 7N Academy elevates your professional career.

The journey is yours

But that does not mean you have to travel it alone.

Making the jump into freelance is no an easy decision, and once there, navigating career development can be overwhelming. We developed two toolkits to answer some of the questions you may have and help you take the next step on your career journey depending on your current situation.

Already a



going freelance?


  • How do I check my application status?

    Our recruitment agents will contact you and keep you updated on your application status. If you are unable to get in contact with your recruitment agent, please reach out via

  • What kind of projects can I be involved in as an IT freelance consultant working with 7N?

    We work with more than 160 clients from many industries, and we look for professionals who excel in different areas of expertise, including, but not limited to, software engineering, data and AI, infrastructure and cloud, etc., which means that the required capabilities and technology stack are project-specific. Check our job offers for more details and examples of the profiles we work with.

  • What professional development opportunities does 7N create for your consultants?

    For us, the professional growth of all IT freelancers who work as 7N consultants is paramount. Thus, we organize numerous workshops, webinars, and professional networking events. We support certification efforts and offer access to our internal global development hub 7N Academy.

  • What does cooperation with a 7N agent mean for an IT freelancer?

    Once an IT freelancer becomes a 7N consultant, they are assigned to a dedicated 7N agent, whose role is to represent them at clients, negotiate the best remuneration, and advise them on professional development. Focused on long-term relationships built on mutual trust, the agent ensures a thorough understanding of the consultant’s professional ambitions and life goals to guarantee the best consultant experience.

  • How does 7N differ from other IT consultancy agencies?

    At 7N, we value the personal touch and long-term relationships with both our consultants and clients. Combined with a thorough understanding of our consultants' skills and professional goals, this is the foundation for creating the perfect match between our consultants and the needs of our clients.

  • How do you ensure a work-life balance at 7N?

    Originating from Denmark, 7N advocates of the Danish work culture, which means that we value flat organizational structure, trustworthiness, and work-life balance. As a people-driven company, we emphasize the importance of our consultants’ well-being and organize numerous activities, such as social events or leisure activities.

  • Does 7N ensure assignment continuity for its IT freelance consultants?

    Your 7N agent will look for possibilities to transfer you to another assignment once the current one comes to an end and present you to clients whose projects match your skills and personality. However, should you opt to explore opportunities elsewhere, we accept and support your decision, and will still contact you with relevant opportunities if you are interested in this.

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