Unlock high performance in IT

Drive your digital projects forward with unmatched expertise and flexible delivery models.


Flexible IT services

360° Sourcing

Let us match you with high-performing individual consultants or tailored teams who can deliver the expertise you need in your projects.

Scale your setup as needed and choose the collaboration model that is just right for you: onshore, nearshore, or offshore.


Free up your internal resources by utilizing end-to-end IT solutions delivered by expert consultants in line with proven methodologies.

Address your digital challenges with solutions which include – but are not limited to – software development, managed services, enterprise architecture, legacy replacement, agile transformation, and compliance services.


Upskill or reskill your internal teams through learning programs delivered by our experienced consultants.

Cultivate your organization’s knowledge-sharing culture with a selection of available formats: in-person training, online webinars, blended learning, and peer-to-peer workshops.

IT areas we excel in


Collaboration built on industry experience

We are well-versed in industry challenges and have the digital know-how to resolve them. Explore the industries we specialize in and connect with our experts.


Why 7N?

Expertise enables impact

We work with the top 3% of IT consultants to drive even the most complex and demanding projects forward with unmatched expertise.

The perfect fit for performance

Our proven sourcing model, refined over 25 years, prioritizes both soft and technical skills to ensure an ideal consultant and project match.

Flexibility for effective IT

We offer scalable engagement models and bespoke IT services delivered globally or locally, with strategic advice for optimal setup.

Meaningful collaborations

We invest our experience and expertise to build mutual trust and long-term relationships. 70% of our business comes from client relationships lasting longer than five years.

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