The Regional Sterilization Centers

A complex healthcare project that centralized sterilization and enhanced reprocessing quality through automation and standardization. With the involvement of 7N professionals, the project was successfully completed, and the experiences gained were shared with others in the healthcare industry.


What can you expect to learn from this article?

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    Learn about the exceptional contributions of the consultants from 7N, in streamlining and automating processes for a prominent healthcare client.

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    Understand the key responsibilities and roles of these consultants: Glenn as the Enterprise Architect, Gitte as the Clinical Project Manager, and Johnny as the Cross-functional Test Manager and Implementation Project Manager.

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    Discover how the team addressed challenges such as integrating multiple solutions, complex IT-technical requirements, and replacing manual workflows with automation, while delivering successful results and achieving operational excellence for the client.


In this case study, we look back on the exceptional contributions of Glenn, Gitte, and Johnny, three consultants from 7N, who played instrumental roles in a large-scale program aimed at streamlining and automating processes for a prominent public client. Their expertise and dedication were crucial in achieving operational excellence and optimizing the client's work environment. This case study highlights their key responsibilities, the challenges faced, and the ultimate success they achieved as a team.


The client sought to enhance efficiency and sustainability within their sector by centralizing and automating processes. The program involved integrating solutions from multiple suppliers, adding complexity to the project. Glenn, Gitte, and Johnny were chosen to be part of the project team due to their extensive experience, deep understanding of IT systems, and expertise in process optimization.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Glenn - Enterprise Architect

    Glenn assumed the pivotal role of Enterprise Architect, responsible for ensuring the coherence of the entire solution. His responsibilities encompassed aligning IT and process requirements, specifying interfaces, and overseeing timely deliveries. With his comprehensive oversight, Glenn played a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the project's IT infrastructure.

  • Gitte - Clinical Project Manager

    As the Clinical Project Manager, Gitte focused on the clinical workflows and hygiene aspects of the program. She diligently addressed capacity requirements and ensured that the project aligned with the client's specific clinical needs. Gitte's expertise in healthcare operations was crucial in achieving seamless integration between the automation system and the client's workflows.

  • Johnny - Cross-functional Test Manager and Implementation Project Manager

    Johnny assumed dual roles within the project. As the Cross-functional Test Manager, he was responsible for comprehensive testing and the smooth roll-out of the integrated IT systems. His meticulous approach ensured that each individual component fulfilled the necessary requirements. Furthermore, as the Implementation Project Manager at one of the sites, Johnny oversaw the successful commissioning of the infrastructure, including the building, supplies, process equipment, IT systems, and workflows.

Challenges and Solutions

The program presented several challenges, including the integration of solutions from multiple suppliers, complex IT-technical requirements, and the replacement of manual workflows with automation. Glenn, Gitte, and Johnny tackled these challenges with dedication and expertise. They leveraged their strong problem-solving skills to develop innovative solutions, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration among stakeholders.

To address the integration challenge, Glenn established a robust framework for managing interfaces and coordinating deliverables from the various suppliers. This streamlined the integration process and minimized potential bottlenecks.

Gitte's extensive knowledge of clinical workflows enabled her to identify critical touchpoints where automation could effectively optimize processes. She worked closely with the client's clinical teams to ensure a smooth transition, while also fulfilling capacity requirements within the automated system.

Johnny's meticulous approach to testing and roll-out played a crucial role in identifying and rectifying any system-level issues. By comprehensively testing not only individual IT systems but also the interconnected workflows across organizational units, Johnny ensured a cohesive and reliable solution.

Results and Client Satisfaction

The efforts of Glenn, Gitte, and Johnny, in conjunction with the project organization, operational staff, and solution-oriented suppliers, led to the successful implementation of the program. The client expressed immense satisfaction with the outcomes achieved. They highlighted the construction of two large, highly automated units that would ultimately handle all relevant items. By replacing manual processes with automation and implementing IT-technical solutions for streamlined ordering, the client achieved significant operational improvements.

The client acknowledged Glenn, Gitte, and Johnny as indispensable sparring partners throughout the project. Their competence and professionalism were instrumental in operationalizing the two sites, enabling the client to efficiently process a wide range of items. The seamless integration of IT systems, combined with optimized clinical workflows, resulted in improved productivity and resource utilization for the client. The automated ordering system not only streamlined operations but also ensured accuracy and timeliness in inventory management.

Furthermore, the client appreciated the collaborative approach taken by Glenn, Gitte, and Johnny. Their open communication, proactive problem-solving, and ability to adapt to evolving requirements fostered a strong partnership between the project team and the client's stakeholders. This close collaboration not only facilitated knowledge sharing but also instilled confidence in the project's success.

As a result of their collective efforts, the client experienced a significant reduction in manual errors, enhanced process efficiency, and improved data accuracy. These improvements not only translated into cost savings for the client but also elevated their overall operational capabilities, positioning them as a leader in their industry.


Glenn, Gitte, and Johnny's exemplary performance in the process streamlining program demonstrates the value of their expertise, dedication, and collaborative approach. Their roles as Enterprise Architect, Clinical Project Manager, and Cross-functional Test Manager/Implementation Project Manager respectively were pivotal in ensuring the success of the project.

Through their meticulous attention to detail, strategic thinking, and effective coordination with stakeholders, Glenn, Gitte, and Johnny were able to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional results. Their contributions significantly contributed to the client's operational excellence and established a solid foundation for future growth.

This case study serves as a testament to the impact of competent and professional consultants like Glenn, Gitte, and Johnny in driving successful outcomes for clients. Their achievements highlight the value that 7N brings to its partnerships and reinforce the company's commitment to delivering exceptional consulting services.