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Beyond IT Sourcing: 7N's Expanded Service Portfolio

Discover the three pillars of the 7N Services Portfolio based on the IT experience that is well-recognized on the market. Apart from matching our clients with IT experts, 7N wants to offer end-to-end solutions as well as customized learning programs to tackle the client's challenges.


"7N is an experienced and trusted partner to organizations that benefit from our expertise in sourcing individual consultants and teams. By expanding our engagement portfolio, we incorporate solutions and educational offerings; all based on exceptional IT experts,"

A close collaboration with our clients and dedication to remain attentive to their needs combined with more than 25 years of IT consulting experience resulted in a strategic decision to expand our service portfolio. With more than 1,700 consultants, we are uniquely positioned to move our business model beyond sourcing.

Needless to say, we will continue matching IT experts with our clients’ digital projects as well as building IT teams for them. However, we want to offer more than this: end-to-end solutions and learning programs.

“These new services are based on the same expertise, know-how, and experience for which 7N is recognized in the market,” Jens Laugesen comments.

Three Pillars

7N Services consist of 360° Sourcing, 7N Solutions, and 7N Academy. These pillars are designed to:

- deliver individual consultants or IT teams to our clients,

- provide end-to-end digital solutions to them,

- support their organization’s learning efforts.

360° Sourcing
360° Sourcing addresses the wish to benefit from a flexible workforce and solves the challenge of talent shortages. For our clients, it is difficult to find IT consultants who deliver on their projects extraordinarily well. 7N makes that happen – we engage top 3% IT experts only. Their soft skills, technical capabilities, and professional experience take our clients’ projects to the next level.

What is more, 360° Sourcing is matched with clients’ needs and objectives – 7N agents help them find the collaboration model that is just right for them: onshore, nearshore, or offshore. We are ready to staff individual experts, we have great practice in building high performing expert teams, and we are able to tactically and strategically augment whole IT organizations with flexible workforce.
7N Solutions
With the 7N Solutions engagement model, 7N takes on a greater share of delivery responsibility in projects with our clients. To tackle their challenges, we offer a broad range of end-to-end IT solutions in all aspects of the IT project lifecycle from analysis and advise to development, implementation, and maintenance formulated on the base of practical experience, expertise and proven methodologies. These include – but are not limited to – software development, managed service, enterprise architecture, legacy replacement, agile transformation, cyber security, and industry specific compliance services.

"Taking on a larger ownership share is becoming increasingly important, especially for projects with many consultants. Organizations expect high-quality work and demand that vendors take responsibility for outcomes. We do this using our collaborative governance models and high quality delivery teams," Jens Laugesen explains.
7N Academy
The third pillar, 7N Academy, provides customized learning programs to organizations. We offer a range of formats such as in-person training, online webinars, blended learning, and peer-to-peer workshops. With this, we want to support our clients’ efforts in cultivating a knowledge-sharing culture and upskilling their workforce.

IT Consulting Delivered by High-Performers

Our goal is to deliver services of choice to those who prioritize quality and added value. With 1,700 top-notch consultants and more than 200 industry-expert agents, we are uniquely positioned to do so.

“At 7N, our success depends on providing excellent services through highly skilled IT specialists. As such, we are proud to announce the launch of the 7N Services portfolio, which will serve as the cornerstone of our continued growth now and in the future,” says Jens Laugesen.

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