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How to pick the best one?

02/12/2024 Magdalena Hennig, Head of Technology | Gdańsk Branch

Rapid changes and developments are what characterize the technology sector. Due to the fast-paced nature, it is crucial for tech organizations to focus on in-depth research and development. Equally important is introducing interfaces and apps that positively affect the end-user experience, customer satisfaction, and as a result the company’s competitiveness in the market. 

That’s why expert knowledge and industry insights of IT professionals who drive innovation, as well as technological advancements, are key assets for the tech industry. What matters is that the partner has experience in the field and is therefore efficient in understanding your challenges and proposing a tailored solution model. The challenges may be connected to, for instance, support and maintenance of your applications or navigating through the new directives such as NIS2. However, what’s the most crucial aspect of cooperation with IT partners? Quality. Regardless of the case – whether it is building project teams distributed across different locations or delivering complex IT solutions, the experts who provide solutions make or break your project.

What to look for in the outsourcing partner?
It is crucial to work with an outsourcing company that is able to recognize an organization’s needs and challenges. This expertise and market knowledge allow the matching of the right solution to your company, which guarantees the best service while taking your technology projects to the next level. Therefore, when choosing a partner it is crucial to consider the following aspects:


Long experience working in the IT outsourcing sector taught me that successful collaboration with companies is all flexibility and openness to advise the company on the optimal choice of outsourcing service that will fit their needs. 

The collaboration flexibility is visible in the choices of:

  • model of partnership
  • scalable number of consultants in the team 
  • location of specialists 

The knowledge and experience coming from long years on the market ensure providing professional advisorship about the best choice of service for our partners. A tailored service on our side guarantees diverse models, starting from individual senior consultants with years of experience, up to high-performing, diverse teams. Moreover, the number of members in your IT team can be easily increased or decreased according to the project’s needs. 

Flexibility is a strength when it comes to the length of the tasks, whether you want to engage an IT specialist for long-term or short-term projects. What’s more, having offices in seven countries in Europe, Asia, and North America we are able to offer you onshore, nearshore, and offshore solutions that fulfil your requirements and also optimize costs. 

Cost optimization

For organizations it might be beneficial to implement cost-cutting strategies. One of the ways to do so is to leverage an external hub located in lower-cost countries. It may be more efficient to remotely access highly skilled professionals in countries such as for instance, Poland or India. 

Delivery time and communication 

A perfect match for your projects can be delivered through a partner that can provide diverse solutions, has worldwide experience and a great network of specialists in the database. Then it makes it easier to engage the consultants right away, hence your company can be provided with the right service, team, or expert in a very short time. Look as well for seamless communication that supports sourcing, ongoing collaboration, and retention to make the whole process smoother. 

Market position 

A valued asset is a partner who has expertise in handling projects similar to yours and has knowledge of specific technologies and services that your company needs. Let’s take 7N for example – being on the market for over 20 years, we were able to build many long-term partnerships with consultants and clients. Currently, we have ongoing collaboration with 160 companies and 1,700 consultants. Through experience with projects similar to yours, we specialize in specific technologies and services that can help solve your company’s challenges. 

A partner that matches your firm’s needs
Choosing the cooperation model that suits your company and collaborating with a trusted and experienced partner with the proper know-how of your industry will take your project to the next level. However, first, the service must be tailored correctly to the needs of your company, so look for an outsourcing company who can also audit and advise you on the solutions to your challenges. 
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