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Addressing digital challenges with 7N Services

In order to align with clients' needs, at 7N we decided to go beyond sourcing and introduce 7N Services. Find out more about the drivers behind establishing the comprehensive service catalogue and the value that it can bring to you.


"When clients look at us, they can see we have the top 3% of project managers, architects, developers, testers, you name it. But they wonder why we don't put that together,"

At 7N, we specialize in matching highly skilled individuals and teams of IT experts with our clients’ projects. We build on this strength and expand our service portfolio to address even more complex needs. With 1,700 engaged consultants, we are uniquely positioned to go beyond sourcing.  

IT consulting services aligned with clients’ expectations 

"We take a strategic step in a direction of even closer partnerships with our clients. That means evolving into a more advisory role. We help clients make informed decisions on which IT services can solve their digital challenges – and then engage the best consultants to guarantee smooth delivery,"

Under the banner of 7N Services, our three pillars – 360° Sourcing, 7N Solutions, and 7N Academy – empower our clients to achieve their business objectives. Jens Laugesen sees this as a mission 7N is up for. "We translated our expert knowledge, vast IT consulting experience, and close collaboration with cross-industry clients into a capable delivery of services that are now in high demand on the market."

When our clients need top-notch IT professionals, 7N 360° Sourcing assists them in building an on-demand team of 7N consultants, locally or globally. These consultants collaborate with organizations, support their projects, and resolve their digital challenges. 

Alternatively, 7N provides end-to-end IT solutions to address our clients' unique challenges. Our services cover the entire software development cycle, including creating, enhancing, and maintaining applications, interfaces, and systems. We also align clients’ business and IT setup to strengthen cybersecurity measures and ensure compliance. 

Finally, 7N Academy provides valuable learning experiences. Our consultants' expertise helps cultivate a knowledge-sharing culture across your organization. 

The value for clients and consultants

Through our collaboration with over 200 clients, we understand businesses' different challenges. However, comprehensive 7N Services make us a more appealing partner for both clients and consultants.  

Our consultants can expect an additional platform to brand themselves and take charge of their projects. At the same time, clients can expect us to take on more responsibility during a project life cycle and support them in making informed decisions for their future. 

Helping you with anything digital
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