Redefining Service and Network Capabilities

In this case study, six 7N Consultants made a substantial impact in designing and developing new capabilities using Quarkus-based microservices for a major Danish Energy and Telecom client. Their holistic approach, domain expertise, and seamless integration into the company culture were vital in driving the digital transformation journey.


At 7N, the heart of our business lies in our dedicated consultants. Each day, they apply their expertise and go above and beyond to assist our clients in achieving the best possible solutions. It is for this reason that we aim to shine a spotlight on the remarkable efforts of some of our consultants, who are fueled by their knowledge, commitment, and wealth of experience. Let's unleash their performance.


Jacob Elefsen, Peter Jakobsen, Per Hyldal Thomsen, Ole Hansen, Paw Figgé & Kasper Bach are some of our excellent, high-performing IT consultants. Their joint, high-quality effort as a team came to the forefront in a project for one of our clients, a large Danish Energy and Telecommunications company. The consultants delivered in roles of a System Developer, Network Specialist, Business and IT Architect, Project Manager/Product Owner, and Scrum Master and have been of great significance to the work areas.

During their engagement, the team designed and developed new capabilities within the service- and network abstraction layers of the customer via a new Quarkus-based microservices stack. Furthermore, the team engaged with business stakeholders and provided architecture guidance along the way. They worked on continuous integration and improvements, building deployment pipelines and replacing components to improve and stabilize the systems. The team took on responsibility for underlying technical provisioning systems while developing APIs for new business services.

Even though the 7N consultants outnumbered the other project members, the focus has been building a team dominated by permanent employees who can take over and run the solution in the future. Therefore, the project involved building deployment pipelines and internal automated integration tests, tooling for internal use, processes for refinement and relative baseline estimation, and associated business involvement.

Over the time of the engagement, the team worked to establish a roadmap and associated dashboards to visualize the team's tasks, created system performance dashboards in Kibana, a structure for support, and took on responsibility for migrating legacy systems and defining migration rules via pre-validation APIs.

The consultants demonstrated how they were capable of building solid domain knowledge on encryption systems, network provisioning via Cisco NSO and Netbox, TV provisioning via headends, and provisioning of 3rd party VASs. As a team, they became a driving force in the whole refinement process of the team's new tasks.

The team managed all relevant processes related to the task, which gave the client predictability and a valid basis for estimating tasks. The team worked homogeneously and with clear interfaces. They worked proactively and solution-oriented, and they were the epitome of the 7N spirit.

The Hiring Manager recognized that it is one of their most well-functioning teams and said: "The team has taken on the company identity and has become part of our culture and customer commitment. Their professionalism and commitment to us have been essential in our digital transformation journey. They are indeed a high-performance team and among the most professional colleagues I have ever worked with!"

We are lucky and proud to work with such a dedicated and professional team as you. We hope to continue our work together for many years in the future!