Delivery Management in a Critical Strategic Project

In this case study, a 7N Consultant and his team had a transformative impact on our client within the optical retail industry, which significantly increased their market share and revenue.


At 7N, the heart of our business lies in our dedicated consultants. Each day, they apply their expertise and go above and beyond to assist our clients in achieving the best possible solutions. It is for this reason that we aim to shine a spotlight on the remarkable efforts of some of our consultants, who are fueled by their knowledge, commitment, and wealth of experience. Let's unleash their performance.


Erik Borg is one of our excellent, high-performing IT consultants. This especially came to the forefront in his dedicated effort as the Delivery Manager in a critical strategic project for one of 7N’s clients, a multinational company in the optical retail industry.

The project’s main objectives were to deliver OCT scanning devices and other clinical devices to the stores as a part of a new concept, and second, it was to clean up technical debt, and to secure and migrate data from old legacy devices. This was not an easy assignment, and according to the client, Erik and his team achieved something that no other team before them had been able to do.

Erik’s work in our client’s Technology Clinical Product team has helped the business to move its positioning in the market from being the cheapest specs and contact lens provider to being an eye health provider. The systems and platform Erik and the team have delivered have not only improved people’s sight, but they also give 7N’s client the capability to save people’s sight and, in rare cases, even save their lives. Today, our client, on average, saves the lives of three people every month, as they can now discover life-threatening diseases, empowered by Erik and his team’s deliveries on the new systems. This unique opportunity for 7N’s client has directly impacted and increased their market shares and revenue.

The client states the following about Erik: “Erik is extremely professional; he never gives up, and he knows exactly when he delivers value for money. He is dedicated and orientated, and he motivates the team and the vendors to deliver their best. He has been working in a difficult environment, maturing both vendors and stakeholders – building relationships and trust. When Erik started, he quickly developed from being “just” a consultant to becoming a full member of our team. He is a great person, an amazing consultant, and a fantastic colleague. He lives and breathes our values and behaviors, and he is highly appreciated by our team and stakeholders!

We are lucky and proud to work with such a dedicated and professional person as Erik. We hope to continue our work together for many years in the future!