Project Management of Data Migration to MSSQL

In this case study, a 7N Consultant was the Project Manager of a large data migration project, including the development and optimization of new software and replacement of old databases.


At 7N, the heart of our business lies in our dedicated consultants. Each day, they apply their expertise and go above and beyond to assist our clients in achieving the best possible solutions. It is for this reason that we aim to shine a spotlight on the remarkable efforts of some of our consultants, who are fueled by their knowledge, commitment, and wealth of experience. Let's unleash their performance.


Jens Riis is one of our excellent, high-performing IT consultants. His outstanding effort was recently emphasized in his role as the Project Manager of a complex data migration project at one of 7N’s clients, a vendor for digital mail and document services. Taking over from previous project managers, our client found the right match in Jens, who had the competencies required to make the project succeed.

The main objective of the project was to migrate our client’s core platform from mainframe to a Microsoft-based technology. When Jens started managing the project two years ago, the initial task was to migrate a large-volume database with high operating costs to MSSQL. As the project progressed under Jens’ management, more aspects of the transition were added to the scope, which increased the complexity. This included development and performance optimization of the software of the new platform and an introduction of object storage to replace databases.

High ambitions, drive, and power of action are some of Jens’ qualities that were crucial for the project to produce the desired results and readiness for the final cutover to the new platform. After 1.5 years of preparation and 2.5 years of project activities prior to Jens taking over the management of the project, he and his team succeeded in moving the extensive database from mainframe to MSSQL.

For the first time in the history of 7N’s client, the core platform was shut down for more than a few hours of maintenance. Over two long days, Jens and his team moved all data and software to the new platform and re-opened the client for business without operational problems – despite high risks of data loss and reductions in service level.

The client’s management team granted Jens a great amount of support and trust in his competencies to make the project succeed. The CEO states: “If it is not specifically stated anywhere, I want you to know how proud you should be. You have been absolutely outstanding throughout the process - and even though we have done a lot of things wrong along the way, the biggest mistake is probably that you were not on the project from the start.”

We are lucky and proud to work with such a dedicated and professional person as Jens. We hope to continue our work together for many years in the future!