System Administration for Windmill Park Components

In this case study, a 7N Consultant created the Product Design Specification of our client's network containing SCADA components according to best practises. With the consultant's effort, the client is now able to develop af more secure platform moving forward.


At 7N, the heart of our business lies in our dedicated consultants. Each day, they apply their expertise and go above and beyond to assist our clients in achieving the best possible solutions. It is for this reason that we aim to shine a spotlight on the remarkable efforts of some of our consultants, who are fueled by their knowledge, commitment, and wealth of experience. Let's unleash their performance.


Paw Møller Lindholt is one of our excellent, high-performing IT consultants. His great work was recently emphasized in a baseline Cyber Security project at one of 7N's international clients in the energy sector.

The project's main objective was to secure selected infrastructure components in a windmill park. Paw's overall role was involved in decision making with architects and played an important role in its POC for various components, which included ensuring compliance with industry-specific standards.

More specifically, Paw created the Product Design Specification for segmentation of the network containing the Scada components according to best practices. Furthermore, he drove the adoption of various baselines (Center for Internet Security's CIS Benchmarks, and the US Department of Defense Systems Agency (DISA) Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG) and IEC-62443), here among facilitation of workshops for knowledge sharing. Besides delivering on the technical aspect of the project. All the tasks mentioned above were critical in securing the selected components in the windmill park.

As a result of Paw's effort and performance, with what can be defined as "preparation work", the client is now able to develop a more secure platform moving forward.

The client has been very pleased with Paw and the results he has created: "Paw is a super skilled and likable consultant who is able to create the path for the task solution himself. He is proactive and views his work as a whole, considering other dependencies in an enterprise organization."

We are lucky and proud to work with such a dedicated and professional person as Paw. We hope to continue our work together for many years in the future!