System Architecture Meeting Security Standards

In this case study, a 7N Consultant was the System Architect in a cyber security project for a client within the energy sector. With the objective of ensuring that the IT and SCADA systems met various security standards, a scalable on-premises test environment was needed.


At 7N, the heart of our business lies in our dedicated consultants. Each day, they apply their expertise and go above and beyond to assist our clients in achieving the best possible solutions. It is for this reason that we aim to shine a spotlight on the remarkable efforts of some of our consultants, who are fueled by their knowledge, commitment, and wealth of experience. Let's unleash their performance.


Morten Lund is one of our excellent, high-performing IT consultants. In the role of the System Architect in a cyber security project at one of 7N's clients in the energy sector, Morten's dedication to the task came to the forefront.

The project’s purpose was to ensure that the IT and SCADA systems, which 7N’s client delivered to their client’s windmill farms, met various security standards. In collaboration with colleagues, Morten was part of developing a scalable on-premises test environment based on GNS3, which can act as a digital twin for IT and SCADA infrastructure in wind farms.

Due to the great work Morten and his team delivered, developers and testers can now orchestrate their development and test environments and test their software in a digital twin of the infrastructure that may exist on a wind farm. The ability to run multiple instances of the same wind farm has accelerated the software development.

There is no doubt that Morten has made an impact on the task and at the client. With several years of experience working with this client, he has obtained eminent insights into their challenges. Morten is a very sharp consultant who has the ability to use his insights and knowledge to create momentum in the team. He is 100% committed to the task and takes a long-term view.

We are lucky and proud to work with such a dedicated and professional person as Morten. We hope to continue our work together for many years in the future!