Navigating NIS2 fundamentals

For many companies, the thought of the upcoming regulatory changes, EU directives, and the obligatory compliance may cause concerns. While the consequences of non-compliance are indeed severe, it does not have to keep you up at night.

10/31/2023 Theis Eichel, VP of Business Development at 7N

Your way to compliance will become more manageable when your organization

  • 1

    Demonstrates readiness to embrace the changes.

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    Recognizes the tangible benefits stemming from such changes.

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    Cooperates with a trusted partner capable of facilitating your success throughout the process.

Let’s begin with the fundamentals

What exactly is NIS2?
The Network and Information Security 2, commonly referred to as NIS2, is a new EU directive that requires affected organizations to tighten their cybersecurity. It updates and replaces the existing NIS directive to even better combat increasing cyber threats and sophisticated cyberattacks. NIS2 sets tighter cybersecurity obligations for cyber risk management, incident reporting and information sharing across a broader range of sectors.

Who does it impact, and when?

With a clear understanding of NIS2, the next substantial question to consider is: “Is my organization affected?”.

The answer to that questions is most probably a “yes” if, your organization works with more than 50 employees and has an annual turnover or balance sheet total of €10 million, or, your organization operates within one of those sectors that are classified as;

  • Highly critical, i.e. Energy,​ Transport, ​Space,​ Banking, ​FS infrastructures, ​Digital infrastructure, ​Public administration, ​Health and pharma,​ ICT service management, ​Drinking and waste water management,​ Cloud computing and Data center service providers; or

  • Critical, e. Post and couriers,​ Waste management, ​Food and chemicals, Medical device manufacturing, ​Computers and electronics, Digital providers,​ Machinery and equipment,​ Research organizations.

Does NIS2 sound relevant for your organization? Then, remember that regulatory compliance does not compromise on timing. On 17 January 2023,​ NIS2 came into effect. In order for the NIS2 Directive to be enforceable, it must be implemented into EU Member State national law and a deadline for it is already set: October 17, 2024.

Avoid the risk of non-compliance
NIS2 directive is already in motion, and it is imperative for your organization to expedite its preparedness. Thus, initiating the preparations at the earliest juncture increases the likelihood of a smooth transition when implementing the forthcoming changes. Non-compliance with the NIS2 directive by the upcoming October deadline may result in adverse consequences including damage to your organization’s reputation or financial penalties. While regulatory compliance can appear daunting and complex, NIS2 offers an tangible advantage to your organization. Establishing more solid, unified cybersecurity standards across EU enhances your organizational resilience against cyber threats. Wouldn’t you like to reap the benefits from it as soon as possible?

Partnering to help you

succeed in NIS2 adoption

Collaboration with a trusted IT consulting partner equipped with established and proven methodologies for NIS2 integration ensures a streamlined and efficient process. You can benefit from engaging with our dedicated 7N team, which comprises experienced project managers, compliance experts and business continuity officers – and leverage their expertise and receive professional guidance.

As an initial step, they will conduct a comprehensive NIS2 GAP Analysis to identify areas for improvement, design relevant solutions, and ensure your organization’s compliance well ahead of the October 17, 2024 deadline.

Reach out
Let’s discuss how we can support you in ensuring your organization’s compliance with NIS2.