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From cutting-edge technologies to standardized methodologies, our expert-led trainings are customized to align with the specific context and learning-requirements of your organization.

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Drawing on the network of expertise that defines 7N, we offer our collective knowledge base for your benefit by providing learning programs to ensure that you are future-ready:

"We're committed to aiding our clients in enhancing their organizations' skills, methods, work approaches, and talent retention. 7N Academy offers direct access to a vast portfolio of expert knowledge and practical insights tailored for this purpose."

Jakob Lindstrøm
Head of Recruitment and 7N Academy, Denmark

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Jakob Lindstrøm
Head of 7N Academy
Phone: +45 3114 1457
Email: jali@7n.com

Izabela Kwiatkowska
Senior Consultancy Manager and responsible for 7N Academy, Poland
Phone: +48 728 901 071
Email: izab@7n.com