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We match the best digital experts with the top companies across the world. At 7N, we help you secure projects that match your skillset and support you all the way from the start to the final deliverable.

We believe that every IT consultant is unique in their technical ability and ambition. That’s why we connect you with projects that match your experience, give you access to educational courses, and make you part of a social and professional community of extraordinary digital experts. It’s time to take the freelance journey into your own hands. It’s time to make it work your way.


Having a 7N agent close is extremely valuable, and it's the foundation of being a successful freelance consultant. They know us, they know the task, and they know the client.

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Ensure the best start as an IT freelancer with our freelance starter pack. Access inspirational material about freelancing, tips, and best practice advice, and download CV guides and everyday tools.

How we work

Just as professional athletes have their own personal agents, the very best IT professionals have a 7N agent to look out for their interests. We grow long-term relationships that extend beyond the specific job. A 7N agent supports each specialist before, during, and after the completion of an assignment.

At 7N, we respect the fact that our specialists are independent contractors. What we offer is an exceptionally rewarding personal and professional life through our access to challenging, high-level projects, our professional and social events, and our large, international community of top-level IT specialists.

Your personal agent

At 7N, we assign you a personal agent dedicated to understanding your technical skills and career goals and securing the projects that matter to you along every step of your freelance journey.

A network of opportunities

By joining 7N, you become part of a thriving community of highly skilled and experienced digital experts, giving you a chance to socialize and make new connections with some of the very best from your field.

Advance your skills

We're here to help you fulfill your potential and ambitions as a digital expert. Through our 7N Academy, we offer challenging courses, seminars, and workshops hosted by other 7N consultants, helping you learn from the very best.

Work from anywhere

7N is a global organization with offices in eight countries and consultants in several more. We have more than a decade's experience with remote work and contionusly work toward meeting our consultants where they are.
Meet with an agent
Learn about the opportunities you get as a digital expert at 7N. Explore your freelance potential, learn about current jobs that match your skills, and hear how we help you as an IT consultant.

Create great impact

Whether your interests and capabilities lie in helping clients build strong data and AI practices, ensuring that clients’ services meet quality expectations, or developing, testing, debugging, maintaining, and helping clients optimize their business, every 7N consultant plays a critical role in achieving successful outcomes for the collective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply to become a 7N consultant?

    To apply, please visit our Apply to become a consultant page. Once you have submitted your application, our recruitment staff will review your application and reach out to you.

  • What is the application process?

    Our application process is a five-step process that ensures that we get a thorough understanding of your qualifications and desired projects.


    Step 1: Upload your CV and fill out your personal details.


    Step 2: Meet with one of our agents to discuss your skills and career, and to discover more about 7N and the opportunities we offer.


    Step 3: Your references and credentials will be checked.


    Step 4: The agent will evaluate you based on a holistic view, including the meeting, references, and credentials. You will have the opportunity to decide if you would like to collaborate with/be represented by 7N.


    Step 5: Congratulations! You are now qualified to become a 7N consultant, and you will get matched with an incoming project that fits your profile and ambitions.

  • How do I check my application status?

    Our recruitment agents will contact you and keep you updated on your application status. If you are unable to get in contact with your recruitment agent, please reach out via

  • What is required to become a 7N consultant?

    As an IT consultant at 7N, your technical skills are essential, but we believe that the secret to a truly high-performing consultant also lies in interpersonal and social skills.


    All our consultants must have extensive experience and be able to demonstrate commitment to high-quality work as well as endorsements from colleagues and clients. Visit our 7N Way page to see how we assess each of our applicants.